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I am back to blog once more. Yes really, I read an interesting piece today, the subject of which falls in the the road to hell is paved wit...


Three Way Battle Royale for the Democratic Nomination.

Its a tight three way race for the Democratic Party Presidential Nomination.

With Edwards fist pumping his way back to South Carolina and with Kucinich a veritable shoo in to get the endorsement and delegates of all the dropouts, Sen. Kerry and former frontrunner Al Sharpton are both faced with the prospect of having to appear completely nutcase, utterly kooky, hopelessly fruitcake and totally fricking flacking bazoodlehopper in order to court the reality challenged constituency making up what is being called the 'Kucinich Clown Posse'.

Kerry and Sharpton both seem daunted in the face of the pie charting behemoth that is the Kucinich Election Machine. Now they must 'go it alone' without their usual sane man foils the suave Wesley Clark and the unflappable Howard Dean. Without the somber balance they brought to the candidate pool, the tone of the home stretch of the campaign will no doubt turn freakish.

This outlook has media outlets scambling for copies of Abnormal Psychology to determine appropriate and politically correct terms to describe Kucinichs political views as well as the expected reactions of his opponents to any public statements he may make.

This fake news story is brought to you by the City of Halifax Nova Scotia. Remember friends the City of Halifax Nova Scotia says "You won't hear of us having any mental hospitals, fruitcakes or madmen here in Halifax,anymore. In fact, in these parts those words and terms are illegal."

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