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About Me

My official 'about me' post, with as much vague info I can muster.

I am a guy, a married guy, a dad guy, a Christian guy.
I have an American heritage at least 5 generations deep in every branch of my family tree.
I was raised on a farm in the deep South. Specifically Alabama.
I have traveled a bit, never out of the states though.
I now live in a city in Alabama.
I have been a geek pretty much all my life.
I was a big fan of Curious George books growing up.
I used to read encyclopedias for fun.
I went to space camp in Huntsville, AL as a kid. I'll be taking my oldest daughter there for a school field trip next week.
I like Sci Fi books, movies, television shows and computer games, did I mention I am a geek?
I acted some in high school, playing Sherlock Holmes in one particular play
I use to dream of becoming an astronaut till that dream was squashed by harsh reality.
I won a scholarship for highest science ACT score in my home county.
I went to college. I met my wife there.
I like to say bizarre things to get a reaction out of people.
I love sailing ships, aircraft and spacecraft.
I enjoy researching my genealogy.
I can't resist playing with magnets.
I started this blog at the prompting of a friend.
I still don't know where this blog is going but I can't seem to stop, but I can, it seems, pause for a day or two in a row. Stopping doesn't seem to be a option for me, however. For that I am really and truly sorry.

Would ya look at all those I's? Almost makes me seem conceited.

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