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Guess what? Space Camp has Internet!

Ok, I am live here in the chaparone's room at space camp!
After a 6 hour bus ride with 41 fifth graders. We made it. Our group of 41 kids was split up into two groups. We were assigned a counselor named Lyle, seems like nice kid. Of course I think I probably know more about this space stuff than he does. But you can tell he really likes space and kids so he's nice kid just the same. I think my daughter may have a little crush on him. But it may just be she loves all things space and merely associates him with space camp.

Lyle gave us a tour of part of the rocket park primarily the genuine Saturn V Rocket as well as the mockup which is lit up at night and you can see from literally miles away. Its a whopping 365 feet tall. just like the real thing, but like I said they have the real thing lying on its side separated into its stages as well.

He gave us a nice walking tour of part of the indoor museum accompanied by a short talk about the history of rocketry from the invention of gunpowder up to about the Gemini program. Along the way he talked about all the monkeys they've used in the US space program.

You know, the space monkeys.

There were 4 in all Able, Baker, Ham and Enos. I took pictures. I will get them up here on the FSMC as soon as I get home.

Had supper which was better than expected. Chicken fingers and really good salad. Plus all the 'seconds' you can eat in 30 minutes. Not too shabby.

We went on what can only be called a 'try to wear the kids out but actually wear the chaperones out' scavenger hunt which took us all over the indoor museum to answser quations about the space program. Now I am beat. We'll be going on all the simulators tomorrow as well as seeing an IMAX movie or 2, also on the schedule is the aviation challenge complex.

I got my space camp tshirt as they promised. So I'll be stylin' in it on the way home Friday.

It's up at 7 in the morning and then a full day on all the stuff I said earlier.
Highlight of the day? My daughter asked lot of really smart questions and knew loads of the answers that the couselor asked. That's my little spacemonkey.

Me? I'm hitting the rack. Long day behind, longer day ahead.

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