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Saving Lives and Staining Teeth

There will probably never be a good measure to how many lives have been saved due to the invention of coffee.

Properly and frequently brewed pots o' joe keep the nice folks at my work safe from dark forces on a daily basis.

The pot I brew daily at home keeps the idiots commuters on the I-165 Interstate connector seeing daylight, instead of fiery catastrophe too. And thats a good thing. Nobody wants a big fiery catastrophe first thing in the morning.

Yep it's a lifesaver. An unsung hero. I'll tell you what it is, it's wonderful aromatic anti-homicide juice.

I wonder, do they have coffee service on the International Space Station or aboard the Space Shuttle for that matter? I'd like to find out.

Well, gotta jet, time for another cup. A fresh pot's done. I can smell it already. Mmmmm.

Plus they're all safe from angry inner monkeys for a while longer.

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