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Hello (Again) World

I am back to blog once more. Yes really, I read an interesting piece today, the subject of which falls in the the road to hell is paved wit...


Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

C'mon, I'm an ELF? Oh well at least it's the middle earth variety.
-2000 words so far

Well as you can tell the picture thing is not working out yet. Since I am too cheap to get my own domain and webspace, I have been trying to find a free way to host my pics.

I did do ok on a test yesterday though.
You can check out my brainbench.com transcript.


Drum Roll Please.....

Photo by Phil
This is the first pic I took with my newsed digicam. I know, I know, it looks kinda wierd. You see, I thought it had already snapped the picture but I guess I was wrong. Of course that's not the only pic I've taken just the first and I'm posting it. Oh yeah what's it a picture of? My wife, Karen, behind the wheel of our car. Beautiful.

Space wanted

Now I got lots of pix and have no webspace to put them, phooey.


News ..this just in....

I just got a digital camera, so NOW I can put some pix on here.
oooh baby.


Way to Go China

Well they finally did it. They put their guy up there. I wonder how long before they can claim a moon landing of their own?
I think we need to do what the Japanese did, we need to scuttle NASA and replace it with something leaner and new.


Another Short Post

Watched that new show 'cold case' last night, not bad. Home from work today though..no not because of Columbus Day..we work on Columbus Day..it's my stupid sinuses.



I have always liked to travel. My dad was a construction supervisor and we traveled. Around the South mostly, but once we went out west and that was a real adventure. Monte Vista Colorado was where I spent the majority of my sophomore year of high school. Saw abandoned gold mines, old logging towns, narrow mountain passes and of all things sand dunes. Of course I met lots of interesting people too. Native Coloradans, transplanted Texans, Californians and even a Mainite or Mainer (she was from Maine). One older guy from church build his own crane. He had about 4 different transmissions geared together. He claimed 'I can gear it about any way I like'. Potato farmers, ranchers and inventors. People are different there yet also the same.
Monte Vista is a high altitude town, over 7000 feet, thus the air there is a lot thinner than anywhere in Alabama. Gym class was torture, what with all the running in thin air. I went back a year or so later and went skiing with my buddy Bret. I got a semi concussion trying to impress some girls on the ski slopes.
I have two cousins who are working abroad right now (I've never been outside the US) , Lance is in China and Chuck is in Germany. They drop me a line from time to time so in a way I get to travel with them through their words . But the fun, the adventure is all theirs.


Good Morning

Thick fog hangs over Mobile as well as its outlying areas. The day promises to be a mild one weatherwise. Sinuses are much better. On top of all that had a great visit from two of my aunts from North Alabama at supper last night. I am in a fantastic mood this morning. Wahooo!


Sinuses, sinuses, sinuses

Well at least the holes in our head don't go all the way through, On the other hand that WOULD relieve the pressure.

Sometime I wish Sunday would stretch out over two days and just devour Monday. Cup number 2 where are you?


If the world stopped turning.

Ever wonder what would happen if the world stopped turning? I know Alan Jackson thought about it but in a totally different way.
Since the Earth is roughly 24,000 miles around at the equator and rotates on its axis once per 24 hours. Objects at the equator at rest relative to the spinning earth have a 'resting' momentum of 1000 mile per hour. Object at the poles would have angular momentum. But it would be so low that observers might there might not notice the stop immediately.
Newton's first law of motion dictates that object at rest tend to stay at rest and objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Remember the magician's tablecloth trick? Only this time think of the table as being strapped to the top a speeding truck and instead of pulling the tablecloth out from under the plates, glasses and silverware, the magician slams on the brakes and plates, glasses and silverware fly forward in the direction of the truck's previous motion. So everything would continue under its previous momentum. The earth stops and everything zooms ahead at somewhere between 1000 mph and 0 mph (anywhere above 15 would be bad) People, cars, trains flying forward, spinning actually since friction at the bottom would slow the bottoms of everything initially. The atmosphere would continue moving until friction slowed it too, but at least it would be moving along with you. The water in the seas, lakes, and oceans would have tremendous momentum too. The surface would be scoured by the rushing waters. Wow and that's the part that lets me know it can never happen. God promised us the world never again be destroyed by water. Read Genesis.

Happy Weekend!


late birthday present from my best friend
Yes this picture is bad, but it is me, Phil - photo by Shane

Shane wrote this about me in his blog.
that was cool, thanks shane.