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Space Camp Day 2

Ok, I am live here in the chaparone's room at space camp! Again!

Well, today was different. Turns out 30 minutes isn't near enough time for 20 boys and 3 men to get ready using 4 sinks. We wound up being late for breakfast and only had a grand total of 10 minutes to eat breakfast. I scarfed mine down in a manner I've seen SEAL candidates eat their meals, due to fanship of the learning channel (TLC). I may have been the only one to finish out of our group.

Then we went to an IMAX movie. I took my coffee in direct violation of the posted 'no outside food or drink' sign. No one tried to take my coffee. It was a win-win situation with regard to the coffee.

'Straight Up' was the title of the movie and it was about the helicopters. Pretty good flick except most of the voice over was by Martin Sheen who I disagree with on just about every political matter. Showed lots of ways helicopters are used today. Did you know linemen are lowered onto powerlines to do service on them from helicopters? I didn't. We saw a flying ambulance pluck a avalanche victim out of the ice. We saw the DEA stop a gand of drug smugglers with their helicopter. We watched a Coast Guard Rescue operation using a helicopter. And of course they showed troops being dropped off 'behind enemy lines' and picked up. Did I mention I drank coffee during the whole movie?

I grabbed another cup of coffee after that on the way to the next exercise. Building a paper rocket. These were launched using compressed air. My girls went the highest, even though not the farthest. I was proud.

We rode the space shot, twice. One girl got a panic attack after getting off of this ride.

Then the g-force accelerator which basically spun the living crap out of you. ~40 MPH in was what the ride person said. This was a tight circle around 25 feet in diameter.

Then we made a hot air ballon out of tissue paper. This took about 5 years or so to accomplish. At least it seemed that long. This is where we learned our counselor for the morning (not Lyle) wasn't as easy going as we'd come to expect. Kinda uptight, he kept taking us to places which had lots of seats and getting upset when people would sit down, go figure. Knew his stuff well enough,but had control issues though I guess.

Then lunch of a corn dog and onion rings and diet coke. Kinda spare if you ask me. I got seconds on the onion rings they were pretty good.

I rode the multiaxis trainer, like the one on the space camp movie. My girl came down witha migraine after that. To sick bay we went. I gave her her medicine and she took a nap, I took a nap. 30 minutes later she feels better and so do I.

When we got to supper there was no food left. They had to make chicken fingers for our group.

I'm beat, I'm hitting the rack, more to follow tomorrow, maybe. Fake news too maybe.

And NO Shane, we didn't get meet Jinx. Turns out they scrapped him for parts to repair a vacuum cleaner. And the Shuttle was in the shop for overhaul.

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