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Hold Your Fire, W

Back up, I've been thinking again.

I was thinking about the upcoming presidential election. And I realized something.

Kerry is NOT the democratic nominee, yet.

I know Duh, right? But if efforts to weaken support for him this early on in the campaign actually work, by the time the Democtatic Party Convention finally comes around he will be a beaten and defeated man even before he is actually beaten and defeated. The dems, who aren't total idiots, won't want to run a candidate who appears already beaten and defeated. They're likely to nominate Edwards or Clark or even...her (may her name never be mentioned), just to have a chance at winning the thing.

Save some torpedoes, W. and don't sink him yet. The time to destroy the enemy is when he truly IS the enemy not just the presumptive enemy. And when I say 'enemy' I mean democratic nominee. And when I say 'destroy' I mean, well, ok I mean destroy, but in a non permanent way.

I think a defensive posture is best for the president for now.

Think about it.

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