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I am back to blog once more. Yes really, I read an interesting piece today, the subject of which falls in the the road to hell is paved wit...


Kerry: With Me America is Gonna be [BLEEP]ing Great

In typical Kerry fashion, Sen John Kerry describes an America with him at the helm. He made this statement at the Longshoremen's Union in Duh, Mass.
I tell you, with that mother[BLEEP]er Bush in charge, America has been one big [BLEEP] up after another. And its turning into one big steaming pile of dog [BLEEP]. With me America is gonna be [BLEEP]ing great. I'm gonna kick the [BLEEP] out of [BLEEP]ing unemployment. [BLEEP]ing A! I'm gonna pull our troops out of [BLEEP]ing Iraq, and [BLEEP]ing Afghanistan. Those sons of [BLEEP]es have been there too [BLEEP]ing long. [BLEEP], yeah!

I tell you another thing, that [BLEEP]hole, that [BLEEP]sucker in the [BLEEP]ing White House has [BLEEP]ed us in the [BLEEP] for the last [BLEEP]ing time. Not that I am against people [BLEEP]ing each other in the [BLEEP] all they want. But that is beside the point. [BLEEP] us will you, Mr President? NO, Mr President [BLEEP] you, [BLEEP]head.
Kerry was asked by one of the Longshoremen present if he thought he used profanity a little too much. He responded
Listen up you sissy [BLEEP], I was a [BLEEP][BLEEP] sailor in Viet [BLEEP]ing Nam. I [BLEEP]ing curse. Get [BLEEP]ing used to it.
Kerry then kissed his wife with that mouth. Who commented something about "like kissing an [BLEEP] of evil right on the button".

This Fake News brought to you by John [BLEEP]'n Kerry. Remember friends, John [BLEEP]'n Kerry says"Don't be a dumb[BLEEP]. Vote for me, John [BLEEP]'n Kerry or you can go [BLEEP] yourself. [BLEEP]er!"

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