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Back at the Ranch

Ok it's ranch style not exactly a ranch, But it is home.

Didn't feel up to blogging last night after a 7 hour trip back from the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville. Just felt like spending time with my wife and girls whom I hadn't seen in a few days.

Why a 7 hour trip this time when the trip up was only 6? Well, there's this interstate bridge that's about 5 mile long on the approach to home. The arch of the bridge has only two lane and no shoulder, in one of those lanes was a firetruck, a couple of police cruisers and I guess what was left of a vehicle when we got to it. So that had traffic reduced to a crawl for about 2 miles. So that delayed us about an hour.

The final 1/2 day of our US Space Camp/AstroTrek adventure involved getting the boys packed and out of our 'hab', or habitation module, space camp talk for dormitory. Eating a decent breakfast. Then another IMAX movie with another wonderful cup of prohibited coffee. The movie, 'Space Station' was really good, most of it was filmed on the ISS during missions to build it or supply it. Very good, I think Matthew Broderick narrated it.

Then we shopped in the rather large gift shop for about an hour, I spent $75 on souvenirs for myself the daughter with me, the two little monkeys at home and of course Mrs SpaceMonkey.

Then the kids flew their tissue paper hot air balloons. Some went really high. Some not so much, but the kids seemed to enjoy flying what they'd built. Then we loaded up the bus and then..well I already told you about the bus ride.

But the best part was when it was over and getting to reunite with my little family.

Overall, Despite the things that were exactly ideal, it was really great trip. And it's great to be home.

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