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New planet discovery to be announced

An Australian news source reports a New planet discovery to be announced
The body is believed to be about 2010km across, but may even be larger than the furthest known planet, Pluto, which is 2262km across and was discovered in 1930.
And according to the report, it's going to be called Sedna. Sedna? Why not Gondor or Krypton or even something bland like Sol 10? Sedna sounds like a sugar substitute not a planet.

Strange though no coverage on www.space.com. I was thinking the Aussies got into some bad vegemite or something. How you could ever tell it was worse than regular vegemite I cannot say.
Then I found this article at nasa.gov. The tell there'll be a nasa TV Special.
The discovery of a mysterious object in our solar system is the topic of a listen-and-log-on news briefing on Monday, March 15, at 1 p.m. EST.
I'll try to cover it with my special eye for whatever it is I have a special eye for.

Not that I have a 'special' eye in the normal way people mean 'special'. Also contrary to anything you might read elsewhere it has no more superpower than the other eye. Or less.

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