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More Big News On the Way From NASA Re: MARS

Acording to SPACE.COM NASA is to Announce a 'Major' Discovery by the Opportunity Mars Rover at 2 p.m. ET

That's 1 p.m. CT, I'll let you know what they say. The Man is on a business trip to Europe, so no preemptions are foreseen.

Hmmm, major discovery, my mind boggles....

Could it have found life?
Could it found a big a sloshy rusty mud puddle and then gotten stuck in it?
Could it have found the lens cover for my daughter's telescope which has been missing for months?

Maybe. Who knows what they might have found. We'll find out in just a few minutes.

Hey! I forgot to mention we (citizens of earth) almost got hit by a space rock the other day. How'd ya'll let me get away with that? Oh yeah, I was at Space Camp.

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