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Sen. Harkin Endorses Dean Apparently Demonstrates Poor Judgment

FOXNews.com - Politics - Sen. Harkin Endorses Dean: "'This year, we have an exceptionally strong field of candidates. Each one is a talented, well-qualified Democrat who would be a vast improvement over the current occupant of the White House." Does Harken not know that neither Wesley Clark nor Al Sharpton have ever held an elected office." I like and respect each one of them,' Harkin said to cheers at Dean's headquarters in Des Moines." Does Harken not know that Al Sharpton has spent time in Jail.
"The backing of Harkin, who ran for president in 1992 but lost in the primaries to Bill Clinton, comes as Dean confronts a barrage of criticism." So Harkin was beaten by Clinton in 1992. Gore was defeated by Bush in 2000. Bradley, in turn, was struck down by Gore in 2000. Dean's GOT to be happy with that many "winners" endorsing him.
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