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In the mail bag

Dear XXXX,

There is a big effort underway by supporters of homosexual marriage to keep President Bush from promoting a constitutional amendment defining marriage as being between one man and one woman.

Send your letter urging the President to support a federal marriage amendment.

Homosexual leaders have openly bragged about the influence they have with staff members at the White House. Senator Feingold of Wisconsin has publicly stated that he will lead the charge for homosexual marriage.

Senators and Congressmen willing to work for passage of a constitutional amendment tell us they are waiting on the President to act.

I urge you to let President Bush know you stand with him in opposing homosexual marriage. Please donĂ‚’t let those supporters of homosexual marriage in the White House be the only voice the President hears.

Send the letter of encouragement to the President now. Let him know you stand with him. It would send a powerful and encouraging note to the President to hear from millions of Americans. Please send your email now.

And be sure to forward this request to at least one friend.



Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association
P.S. Please forward this email to at least one friend.

I don't generally forward emails, and I don't intend to start now, I figure this is as close as I can allow. How this organization got my email is a mystery but they sure hit their target demographic here at the Flying Space Monkey Chronicles. I definitely support protecting the family as an institution. I am not afraid of gays, don't hate them or anything like that but I am afraid of wishing them Godspeed as would be the case of legalizing gay marriage. How strongly do I feel in this regard?

Well........how's this?

I can honestly say I would support the secession of the state I live in if gay marriage were be made legal. It wouldn't be the first time we'd seceded. But it think this time we could make it stick. I am definitely sending my letter to the pres. on this but I'm also seriously thinking about establishment of the Free State Of Alabama in event of the other. I will say more on this, just not now.

SpaceMonkey AWAAAAAAY!!!!

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