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Nothing from the Arabs?

In response to this story on the BBC
Mr Free Market over in the UK had this to say regarding this Brit,Robert Kilroy-Silk , being fired for writing an article titled "We Owe the Arabs Nothing".
An English Man over in his UK castle had this to say in Mr Kilroy-Silk's defense as well.

I agree the guy shouldn't have been fired for what he said, and what he said mainly was can anyone think of any contribution to humanity the Arabs have made? He couldn't but I did or think I did anyway. I took a quick run through my memory banks and came up with a few thoughts.

What about um...Algebra? I am pretty sure about that one.

Arabic numerals? I know they invented that one also.

Lawrence of Arabia? Ok they didn't give us him but somebody(not Arabs I think) made a pretty cool movie about him anyway,

Arabian Horses? Well at least they are named after the region.

Civilization? At least it was supposedly started in that Area.

I know it been a while since they came up with the ones they did come up with but we are still using some of them.
It's more than nothing. A fair bit more. But no reason to can someone for disagreeing with me on this or the Arabs.

UPDATE: Mr Kilroy-Silk wasn't speaking of historical contribution. He was actually asking what current contribution do they make? Other than a few good blogs, well, Ok he's got me there.

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