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Truthlation of "A Message from Governor Dean"

Since I hear Dean was finally bugging out, bailing and ditching his quest for galactic empire. I thought I would see what the Dean for America blog was saying, if anything, at this late date. I found A Message from Governor Dean But there were some just plain bs misleading or delusional statements so I, in the public interest, did a Truthlation of the message.

Truthlation? Mwhuh?, you say? Well, mwhuh indeed.

In case you are wondering what the freak a truthlation is, a Truthlation is similar to a fisking. Instead of a stinging rebuttal following the quote, what follows is the translation to truth*, saying what the person would have said if they were being more forthcoming and honest, even to themselves. Hence Truthlation. (Look ma, I coined a phrase.)

Truthlation('A Message from Governor Dean')

Governor Dean sent the following message to supporters tonight.
Ex-Governor Dean sent the following message, after the original message was reviewed to ensure any 'Captain Insano routine' bits were deleted, to supporters tonight.

You folks are the best!
You folks are the best bunch of losers to ever help me lose a campaign!
I hope you will all keep active both in our new enterprise as we develop it, but also in the short term.
I hope you let me finish ruining your lives, you're all fairly young and I think I can make a few more bucks off you yet.
We can still send delegates to the convention, and we should.
We're not through losing here. Our defeat has just begun! The crushing blow of death still looms ahead! Our defeat will be final and while maybe not not fatal, perhaps maimal, is that a word, when it comes and it should.
If you are in a state with district, and state conventions, please make sure everyone goes, so that we send all the delegates we are entitled to.
Ok I'm begging now, I have got just a few bucks left. Go work and support my losing cause but now with no campaign ads.
If you are in a state that has not yet voted, be sure to vote. We'll have a great time at the convention.
If you are in a state that has not yet voted, still vote, for me. At the convention, I'm buying iced mocha latte`s with a dash of cinnamon for everyone, with your own donations! And By the way I do this great insane guy impression. Oh, you've seen it.

Thank you all for how hard you have worked, how much money you raised.
Thank you for all the, now meaningless, help you provided in my defeat, really. and thanks for all the nickel amd dime donations too.
And thanks for getting involved.
Thanks for nothing.
It feels a h*ll of a lot better to try and lose, than not to try at all.
Hahaha Hillary, how many democratic presidential nominations have YOU lost? I'm king of the WORLD, Wahoo!
In any case I have to say that I don't really feel like we have lost.
In any case I have to say that I am an idiot, still unable to accept defeat even though that is all there is for me to accept.
We only lose if we quit.
We lost, I quit. I'd LOVE to think we didn't quit, and we just dropped out but we got our stuff handed to us in a neatly wrapped package.
There is an enormous amount of power in numbers, and we can still change this country (and that is exactly what we're going to do!).
There is an enormous amount of power in numbers. For instance the number zero when refering to the number of states I finished first in has the enormous power to make me quit. You see, there's an even more enormous amount of power in larger numbers. Yeaaaarwhatever.

Many thanks,
Shutting up now,
Howard Dean
Howard Dean

See, isn't the truth* better? Now I feel better. Don't you?

Sidenote: I'm kinda sad Dean has quit, he was fun before his keepers put the leash on, or he went back to the factory or whatever.

* as I see it.

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