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I am back to blog once more. Yes really, I read an interesting piece today, the subject of which falls in the the road to hell is paved wit...


Kerry Complicit Concerning Communist Contribution Connection? NBC News Nut Nixes Notion Neatly

In what can only be termed AlliterationGate, an NBC producer reports in a MSNBC article that Chinese arms money was funneled through Kerry's Senate reelection campaign. Get this, Kerry is repeatedly defended in the article not surprisingly by the journalist reporting the story.
Case in point, first Kerry is characterized thusly
Senator John Kerry, D-MA, unwittingly tried to help a Chinese espionage agent and arms dealer in 1996
Yes, of course it was unwittingly that seems to be the emerging theme of his life.
[There is no evidence Kerry knew of the illegality.]
Ok, that's a relief, but too bad that's not a valid defense, lack of proof does not equate to proof of lack...WHOOPS...Sorry folks, I thought for a minute there we were talking about a Republican, Never mind. Innocence presumption resumed. Now, where was I?
Kerry could not have known, until Chung pleaded guilty and began talking to investigators in March, 1998, that the money he needed so desperately back then was tainted
Of course he couldn't have known, he's just really repeatedly easily duped and the money, hey, he needed the money.

Is this a quality we want in a commander in chief? Someone who believes everything he's told? Until he's told things are otherwise and cries foul? Then whines ' I was misled, MISLED'. Never mind you are not being lied to if the person speaking is speaking the truth as they know it.

A lie lies in the intent behind the words, not in the words themselves.

Ok that was a little serious, So let me end this by saying 'Commie Cong Kerry Keeps Corrupt Campaign Coin 'Cause Contributors Can't Contradict Currency Kookamonga Curry Chicken'

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