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Spirit of the Season?

Well, it's that time again, Office Christmas Party time. I'm sure your getting ready for yours if your haven't had it already. We had ours this past weekend at a really nice hotel by the bay. The served a nice meal buffet style and had a open (read free) bar from 6 till 10. The people at the table my wife and I sat at had taken liberal advantage of the free flowing alcohol and were feeling very, humorous, at least they thought so. Somehow things are just funnier when you shout them when you have a lot of devil water in you.

I guess.

At least that's what they all (more or less) seemed to think. Well, we ate our meal quickly, said my meet and greets to the boss and his boss and headed to our room. I thought I'd left the "party" at the party but it's now Tuesday full 3 days later and I'm still hearing lots of conversation how much they 'partied'

So many talking about how much they drank,
Asking others how much THEY drank,
asking if they remember much,
how drunk they got,
what they drank,
who gave them something FREE to drink after the open bar went to cash, (wasn't that nice?)
where in the hotel they drank,
how drunk their date/spouse/supervisor got,
what they prefer to drink,
what they prefer NOT to drink,
how silly so-and-so acted when they were drunk.

Ah yes even though they may be sober at the moment they still look at that evening with their beer goggles on.
I marvel at how immature these 'adults' behaved that night as well as how immature their conversation is now. I know I sound a jerk on my moral high horse, but c'mon, this isn't college and that wasn't a frat party. If you can't have self control when there's alcohol around can't you at least NOT act like imbibing to the point of drunkenness is a major life accomplishment?

SpaceMonkey AWAAAAAAY!!!!

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