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Last Day

Today is the last day of the year in the gregorian calender. We call it new year's eve almost as though it were nothing without the day that follows it.

Not true.

This is a day for looking back as well as forward.

People in many places look at the year as a whole and decide what was the best,worst, biggest, most money making, top 1, top 10, top 100 song, movie, tv show, news story or whatever.
Many of us spen the day thinking about new years resolutions that statistically we won't keep more than a few weeks, if at all.
Many of us will spend the last few hours in a party where the countdown will be cheered and we'lll kiss our honeys'

Consider this, though. This IS the last day of the year.
For many it wil be the last day of their lives.
It may be you, It may be me, It may be all of us.
When you take your look back consider this, Is your heart right with God?
Give your self something to look forward to whether there's a tomorrow or not and reconcile with God this last day.

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