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I am back to blog once more. Yes really, I read an interesting piece today, the subject of which falls in the the road to hell is paved wit...


BCS Championship: Tigers vs Ducks

Let me break this down. Scientifically.

Auburn vs Oregon. Tigers vs Ducks. Tigers, as you know, are cats and Ducks, perhaps you know, are birds. Both are edible according to reliable sources. (A dog I used to own)

If the history of Sylvester and Tweety tell us anything its that the outcome of a matchup of a bird and a cat is not so obvious, unless Spike the Dog and Granny the Geriatric are eliminated from the equation. The bird is only then saved by the mistakes made by the Cat.

A coworker, Wade Denton, told me he is secretly rooting for Auburn QB, Cam Newton to be bitten by a DiamondBack right before the game.

I will now make my prediction on tonight's outcome of the BCS Championship.
Roll Tigers Roll, The Ducks will tee a puddy tat, as they are eaten.

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