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Happy Thanksgiving
After some consideration, I've realized I should be thankful for not only the things I have, but for the things I don't have that I wouldn't be able to handle. For instance, great wealth on scale of Bill Gates. I'd like to think I could handle it but likely it would only bring excess and more problems than I'd care to imagine, I don't mean this in a 'Sour Grapes' way, really, I don't think. Or maybe I do. I know there's the fantasy about If I were rich I'd do all this good for people like the poor and the sick and the sad and lonely, but what do I do for them now? Well,other than giving at church and giving the occasional person whose car is kaput and on the side of the road a lift or a push? On some level I know I'm rich relative to the rest of the population of the globe. But when I look around I don't look that rich compared to my neighbors. Maybe I need to travel to a third world nation to get some perspective on how rich I truly am. I do know that since I have a job, food, shelter and a loving family, I have more than many. I also have problems that I can deal with and I don't have any that I can't. I'm thankful for that.

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